Do you ship wordwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

We use Industry best & safe tracking Logistic service. All Products are also insured when they are shipped and a tracking number is provided.

Kindly note that delivery is subject to Custom clearance. Any Duties due to import into your destination country is at your cost. Your non agreement to pay the same does mean your right to return the product.

In order help you clear Custom without any hassle we provide the Right Value & Right Product detail Invoice.

Warranty Information.

Every Amunet Jewelry comes with a promise of lifetime warranty against all craftsmanship defects. If you notice any issue with your Amunet Jewelry, please contact us to arrange for an inspection. If we determine that a craftsmanship defect is present, we will service your Jewelry at no additional cost to you. If we determine that the damage is outside of our responsibility, we will quote you a price for the service and only move forward once we have your approval.

Our warranty coverage excludes normal wear and tear, resulting loss of gemstones, artificial abuse, and/or theft.

We do not cover damaged, stained, or chipped center stone unless the defect is present upon arrival. You must notify us within 7 days of receipt if the center stone arrives to you in an unsatisfactory condition.

Repair, sizing, or other service performed by someone other than Amunet will automatically void all warranty.

Our warranty is non-transferrable, and has to be requested by the original buyer.

What is my correct size?

We recommend that you use a standard finger measuring tool. We use USA size for all our rings. If you use a different type of measurement that is not US ring size, please refer to this standard international conversion chart:

If you are trying to buy someone a ring as a surprise but don’t know his/her ring size, you may try “stealing” one of her existing rings and have it measured at a local jeweler to get an measurement.

If all above fails, you may consider to order a US size 7 which is the most common size for an adult woman. You may have to resize it later if the ring does not fit him/her perfectly, in that case, please refer to our resizing policy.

OMG I ordered the wrong size?

We can’t “change” anything once the production begins. However it is possible to resize your ring at a cost before sending it out. In this case please contact us by email to get further assistance.

How long does the production process take & can you rush my order?

For made-to-order rings, the average production time is around 4 to 6 weeks. We do our best to have your ring ready as soon as possible. If there is a specific date that you need your ring to be ready, please contact us before you place the order. We want to ensure your ring is as perfect as it should be, so we would truly appreciate if you can give us enough time to make it just perfect!

For Custom Orders please fill our Custom Order form at
so that we can take things forward.

Jewelry Care


Always do this:

- Apply all lotions, cosmetics, and perfumes BEFORE putting on your jewelry.

- After each wear, wipe jewelry piece with a clean soft cloth to remove dirt and oil buildups.

- Clean jewelry with lukewarm water if needed; mild soap is okay for most gemstones except opals (please see separate care information below for opal jewelry).

- Store each jewelry piece separately in fabric-lined box or pouch to prevent scratches.

Always Avoid this:

- Never wear jewelry to sleep or shower.

- Never wear jewelry when doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening, or exercise.

- Never expose jewelry to chlorine swimming pools, hot tubs, or ocean water.

- Never expose jewelry to sudden temperature changes and excessive sunlight.

How do I know the status of my order?

The production begins within 24 hours after we receive your payment and your order will be shipped within 4-6 weeks. You will receive a shipping notification that includes the tracking number once your order is sent out.

Can you use my stones?

NO. Our custom orders can only be made with our stones & materials.

What is the difference between 14K & 18K Gold?

18K = 75% pure gold (25% other metals)

14K = 57.5% pure gold (42.5% other metals)

Tips: If you are sensitive to nickel, the safest option is to order a platinum ring which has 95% platinum and 5 % other metal.

Do you use Conflict Free Diamonds & Genuine Gemstones?

All of our gemstones and diamonds are genuine. We source the stones ethically from the most reputable sellers that we have long standing relationship with.

Also If you desire a 3rd party certificate the same can be provided but at an extra cost for the certification. By nature, some gemstones are not eye-clean and may contain minor flaws and internal inclusions, please embrace the slight imperfections that makes each piece unique and beautiful in its own way

Do you accept Payment Plan?

NO. At the moment we don't have any payment plan options. But we are working on launching one soon with our Financial partners.

More Questions?

We are happy to answer and other question that you may have. Just drop an email at: and we will be happy to answer it for you.