Delivery & Returns

Our Cancellation, Exchange & Refund Policy is defined to provide complete peace of mind.


Cancellations: Cancellation if done within 24 hours of placing the order subject to the item not being shipped.

Exchanges:No Exchanges are allowed. If you have any problem with the order get in touch with me and we will work together to resolve the problem.

Returns: Returns are allowed only with the Original Box and the Ring has no visible marks or damage. This needs to be done within 14 days. Money will be refunded back after the receipt of the product.

Returns on Sale: 

We will accept returns in 7 days after receipt of the ring and if you are not satisfied for some reason which is valid and accepted by both of us. The return will only be processed for items on Sale minus the production cost of the ring plus shipping charges for sending and getting back the ring, if a cash refund is requested. Else a credit note to the value of the return from our store will be provided which can be used for any other purchase on our store.


Customs and import taxes Depending on your Country of residence Customs and Other Import duties may be applicable on your order. These would be due and the local post or courier company will charge you extra based on local regulations. This is something that is not factored in our price of the product and we request you to please estimate that and plan for the same, since you will have to pay for these on receipt of the product.


We provide Custom Order & Personalisation. If you need the same then please get in touch with us so that we can create your very own unique creation.


But these orders cannot be Cancelled or NO RETURNS are possible.